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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

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Sunday, 7 April 2019

Top Class Mumbai Escorts Service Story - Madhu

This story is now 4 months ago. I stay here in a pg in the fort. Our PG lives in front of a sexy cousin, their name is Madhu. Madhu Bhabhi has two children, but seeing them does not seem absolutely that she is the mother of 2 children. What is his body, his age will be closer to his 28. Figure 36-30-36. Height is about 5 feet 4 inches. Their husbands do jobs in a factory, the shift of their duty changes, sometimes in the daytime, at night,

I had lived here for 2 years. Ever since I saw Madhu Bhabhi, I used to think about buying her. Just like that time came out, but Escorts in Mumbai Independent did not give me any price because their love was merged. Family was also good for them. No jugaad was able to fit them. The time went out and I would just keep on stabbing the name of sister-in-law, think if they would have a glimpse of their naked body.

One day some of my friends were coming, then we party ... drink alcohol, and I became a little overdose. I started walking on the terrace to walk. I saw that Madhu Bhabhi is also on his terrace. Due to the drunkenness of alcohol, I got courage and I saw a smile on seeing Bhabhi.

But Cheap Call Girl in Mumbai, without giving any reply, looked at me with anger and walked away from there.

Now my ass started to burst that somewhere, do not let my husband complain to me because sister-in-law had known beforehand that I would beat her.

The next morning when I got up in the morning and went to the terrace, I saw that Bhabhi was drying wet clothes. When I looked at the fearful Escorts Service Mumbai, I did not give any reaction before, but when I went, sister-in-law also gave me a lovely smile.

Like I was crazy about happiness. Just like the heaven has got.

Then in such gestures gestures I gave them my number and our talks started on the phone! In a few days, we both had come very close, the phone used to chat sex too. But meeting was very difficult for us because if any one knew or even seen someone talking to us, then there would be a lot of problems. That's why we removed such a few days.

Then he came the night of one night i.e. the sweet love meeting of both of us. Her husband had to do night duty and if the children were small then they had no such issue. If we both used to talk to the phone, then we had taken the opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity. At 12 o'clock that night, the message came to the call of Cheap Escort Service in Mumbai - your brother has gone ... you can come!

I went to the room of those hiding secretly hiding, Sister-in-law opened the door, then I just kept seeing them. Did you see the amazingly sexy goods, High Profile Girls in Mumbai Jaro ... sister-in-law, Meron color sari Maroon blouse ..

Cheap Mumbai Escort said, 'Look at the man that you will come in there too, someone will see you come in early.

When I came in, I saw the child sleeping on one bed and an empty sage was also adorned for our Ras Leela.

As soon as the sister-in-law closed the door, I caught them by the back and kept their hands on their bare stomach under their sari's palm and began to caress her, her cheeks and throats, how to do it like crazy on their ears. Call Girls from Mumbai began to become crazy like sexuality, just because of their mouths these voices started coming out, 'Omm ... Ahhh ... Ahhh ... huh ... yah ... Umm .. ah ..'

I turned my sister-in-law straight on my side and tied them to the wall and started sucking them on their lips. Model Escort in Mumbai was also giving me my full support - Aahah .. Rahul ... Umm .. Ammaah mhamah ...

I laid her in bed on the bed and her sari's pallu shook up the top and on what was done on her deep navel, she began to lick her tongue. At the top of the blouse, they started pressing their Mmons. Sister-in-law started taking sensual sisakaris- aaah ... ah ... em ... uh ... oh ...

She had just started going crazy just like crazy.

I slowly started to open one of their blouses hooks, together I was pressing Mumbai Call Girls Service tice too. I completely unloaded the blouse of the sister-in-law, so I saw that Sister in law had also put a bronze bra in the Meron color. I love it Their white body and dark color bra .. wow .. what were they looking?

I started suckling a milk of Escort at Mumbai from the sister-in-law's bra and I removed her sari too. They were now just in Bra and Petticoat. I was constantly going to do them. Mumbai Escorts Number was going crazy and said 'Ah Rahul, hurry up, now it is not going to be tolerated.'

I also removed the sister-in-law's petticoat, now she was in Meron Bra and Black Penty. I began to cry the stupidity of the Independent Call Girl in Mumbai with Photo from the top of the penti, the sister-in-law's pussy had already become wet. I even separated the mother-in-law from the bra and started sucking them like crazy and began to rub their cheeks.

Mumbai Cheap Escort also had pulled off all my clothes and with one hand I was playing with my 8-inch cocks. I sucked Sister-in-law's mamas very well ... Then, when I came to the bottom of Cheap Rate Call Girl in Mumbai and used to lower her husband's pants with great love.


When I asked sister-in-law, he told me that he cleared Chut for me only. I became happy and started licking my cunt like crazy. Mumbai Escort Services drugs started becoming fast now 'Aamamam .. Rahuulla .. aaah aaa aaa ..'

Female Mumbai Escorts caught hold of my head and started pressing her. I was also engaged in my work.

Sister-in-law said, 'Just ..' Please, please do not hurry and do not hurry. Do it quickly or else I will go crazy.

I got up and took my funfun cocks to her sister's mouth and asked her to suck cocks, so Call Girl Service Mumbai refused that she had never done it before. But he insisted on giving me a lot and took my cock in my mouth and started sucking.

Sister-in-law began to say, 'Father, how big is it! In my mouth it is going through difficulties. How will I go to Chut, I will die.'

I said - If you got sister-in-law first, then it does not happen.

Sister-in-law smiled and just engaged in sucking my cock. After cleaning ten minutes of dicks, I laid my sister-in-law on the bed directly and did not let me lie on top of her, pressing her mamas and pushing the sticks with her sucking sticks on the cunt of Sister in law. Sister-in-law's eyes just came out. So why did I keep them so that their screams did not come out?

Female Escort Services in Mumbai started saying - Ah ... I will not be suffering from a lot of pain.

I explained to my sister-in-law that only a couple of minutes will be pain, bear it ... and then put a shot by kissing her sister's lush lips. This time, the cubs had gone half of the sister in law. Sister-in-law was suffering again and tears started coming out of her eyes, but I did not stop, and in the third shock, she got her full of sister in the wet smooth pussy of Best Escorts in Mumbai.

Bhati was suffering from pain due to pain but I kept her lips attached to her lips so that her voice did not come out.

After weaving a little while, when the sister-in-law became normal, then I started my work again and started jerking of cocks in Mumbai VIP Call Girls pussy. Now sister-in-law has started enjoying fun, she was giving me a full-bliss- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .. aaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ..

When I heard these sensual voices of sister-in-law, I began to fuck them with more loud.

After about ten minutes of such fuck, I asked him to become a mare. Bhabhi had become a mare on his knees and hands on the bed, now he had a lot of bitter grief in front of me, I kissed Mumbai Cheap Call Girls bits, put a hand on him, caressed, Then I started licking them with cocks after putting them in the back. He started stretching his hand further and started pressing his Mmons and started flicking him with a splash-in-law .. Ahhh .. you feel good, do not you?

"Yes, my life, it looks like .. I am in heaven ... His father did not do so till date ... I wanted to talk to you but I was scared."

"Never mind, sister-in-law .. now everything is fine .."

"Bhabhi my cocks are going full inside, right?"

"Yes, Rahul ... is inside the whole! Just you fuck me! "

After a ten-minute fuck I was about to fall and in the meantime, sister-in-law also had a stroke.

Now I was also at the extreme limit so I asked Cheap Rate Call Girls in Mumbai then they told that they eat mala di, there is no fear, I asked to fall in. So I did the same. I was lying down on her sister-in-law after a moment.

Then I removed from sister-in-law and both of us were lying beside me I got my eyes ... and I fell asleep.

When I slept after an hour, then when I saw Model Escorts Mumbai, I saw him in a lot of different rugs and then he had a time in the morning, so I had to come to my room.

Similarly we met many times. Sometimes in my room, sometimes in their house .. The same way the fuck is going on.

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